Your natural dyed fibers from Portuguese surplus textiles

Find unique, handprinted goods made with love and sustainability in mind. Each piece is carefully crafted with natural dyes and locally sourced materials.

Sustainability from mother earth to your home

Yasmine brings nature to your home with unique items, produced in small batches, carefully handmade to avoid waste, in an environment of tranquillity with, and inspired by, Nature.

repurposing Waste into Positive Impact Products

We are proud to support Portuguese production by sourcing our deadstock fabrics locally and keeping them from going to landfills. All the materials used are locally sourced.

Beauty and Regeneration in symbiosis

All the dyeing materials are ethically foraged and locally sourced by Raquel, the artisan and heart behind Yasmine.
The botanical prints are made following Nature’s cycles, respecting her abundance, while seeding, planting and wild foraging according to the season.

Get to know the heart behind Yasmine

Founder & Artisan

Raquel feels whole surrounded by trees, flowers, bugs and hugs.

She experiences love in different forms.
Preparing yummy snacks to share with her loved ones warms her heart.
Walking in the forest calms her thoughts. Swimming in the sea awakes her body. Sleeping under the stars feeds her soul.

Natural dyeing with local plants and kitchen waste is her passion. Raquel also loves to carve the linoleum stamps outdoors, to dance while printing the fabrics, to sew the beautiful textiles barefoot and to wrap the orders with love and care.

Discover Our unique Handmade Products

Nature inspired

Yasmine beautifully nurtures your home ~ nature, house and body ~ with limited editions of unique handmade items in a regenerative way, transforming waste into positive impact products.

Unique Limited Edition Pieces

We create unique and one-of-a-kind items, ensuring that no two pieces are the same. Practical and beautiful items that will bring light, colour and nature into your home.

Order your custom-made item

According to availability, I might be able to create other items for you.
Experience the beauty and sustainability of our handmade products.
I will love to create something special for you.

Reusable and beautiful Homeware for a daily use

Gathering friends and family around a beautifully set table, prepared with love and care, ready to share a special meal.

Napkins, tea towels and table runners are the perfect housewarming or wedding gift – celebrate these special moments with zero waste and consciously handmade items that were carefully made to nurture a home.

Therapeutic items from nature

The Therapeutic Lavender Pillow was thoughtfully designed to naturally help you reach a profound relaxation state.

It could also be used as a natural relief for headaches and puffy eyes if used as a cold pack.

The organic flax seeds gently apply pressure on your face and eyes, blocking the light.

The lavender scent has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, promoting a quiet sleep in babies, children and adults.

Explore Yasmine’s creative process

Putting love energy into each item produced

All unique, thoughtfully and consciously handmade.

Positive impact products

Yasmine serves people who want to have a positive impact by creating unique and beautiful handcrafted items.

Our hand dyed fabrics, with plant pigments, and our hand printed textiles, with nature inspired illustrations, will bring the fauna and flora into your home.

Regenerative SLOW movement culture


All the process is handmade and consciously put into action.

From ethically foraging the dyes, to drawing and carving the stamps in linoleum, Nature is the centre of the brand, since we visualize ourselves as part of her.

Packaging with care

We use sustainable, upcycled packaging in all orders and this is the time where I pack and send love to your home ♡ I love all the details involved in this last step.

All items are caring love, abundance and creative energy with it.

Local, Artisanal Touch

Support a local artisan and the nurturing of traditional techniques by choosing Yasmine for your homeware needs and perfect gifts.

And around here we will continue to seed and care for the soil between dyeing, carving, stamping and sewing.

We are regenerating while learning and growing.

Therapeutic Lavender Pillow

Characteristics and How to best use it


Thoughtfully designed to naturally help you reach a profound relaxation state.

The flax seeds gently apply pressure on your face and eyes, blocking the light.
The lavender scent has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, promoting a quiet sleep in babies, children and adults.

self care routine

The Lavender Pillow can be used at room temperature for relaxation at any time of the day, placed over the eyes.
Ideal after your yoga practice to block natural light and support in total relaxation.
Also perfect to place next to you or a baby for a deeper sleep.

healing properties

It could also be used as a natural relief for headaches and morning eye puffiness if used as a cold pack. Simply store your Pillow in the freezer, inside a silicon or plastic zipped bag. This is also a way of preserving its therapeutic characteristics.

It can also be heated by placing it carefully on top of a heater or in the microwave for 2 minutes and used in other parts of the body for pain relief.

Organic ingridients

The pillow cover is hand-dyed with wild flowers, like chamomile and rock rose, and with leaves from native plants and trees, such as mallow and oak.

All the ingredients used in the inner pillow are of organic origin.

~Bulk-purchased flaxseed filling.
~Hand-picked lavender flowers and leaves.
~ Portuguese lavender essential oil.

Ready to bring natural dyes and sustainable practices into your home with Yasmine?

Thank you for supporting my small business


Read what clients have to say about their experience with Yasmine,
from the workshops to the homeware products and the partnerships.

I am very happy that I have participated in the Yasmine workshop in Spain! Apart from being a fantastic experience, I have a completely different connection with my flowers since then. I know that they not only decorate and colour my garden, but also the objects I surround myself with. As a very special personal memory, the piece that I created with Raquel and my friends is a decoration of my home and I enjoy looking at it with love, it makes me feel very good to have it at home. Thank you!

Zsuzsanna Z.

I really loved your workshop, it was such a treat!

Lacey R.

I enjoyed the workshop very much. The way how you explain everything is so helpful 🙏🏽

Chantal L.

Hi Raquel, thank you so much. I had such a lovely afternoon. Thanks for your kindness, patience and hospitality. Can’t wait to join another workshop.


Thank you so much! I had a wonderful time and loved seeing all that you have going on. So lovely to meet you and spend an afternoon in your peaceful and inspiring company.


Verdadeiramente grata pela encomenda que nos remeteste, é visível que é feita com tanto amor!!

O teu mimo é uma delícia, agradável ao toque, um cheiro super agradável e a pureza dos materiais traz um bem estar incrível! Mais gratidão…
Vai ser muito bom ter a energia da Yasmine aqui no hotel.

Ana C.