Ruben Ramires

A talented illustrator, from Portugal, based in Houston, that writes beautiful poetry.

Ruben has been with Yasmine since the begging, not only being an extraordinary source of inspiration and motivation, but also with his very professional work.

Yasmine’s logo was designed by Ruben, along with several illustrations and the poster that describes the creative process of the brand.

Casa Koya

The custom-made Therapeutic Lavender Pillows created by Yasmine to Casa Koya are a great complement on the experience of reconnection and total relaxation.

The brand logo was carved in linoleum and handprinted in cotton and linen with thedifferent colors thatrepresent Casa Koya.

At Casa Koya you will have the opportunity to immerse in the beauty of the Alentejo region while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a modern home.

Nature in Flow

These practical pouches were custommade for the Glowing Skin Travel Edition Set. Designed to take two mini serums, one body cream and one hydrolate with cucumber, that ensures hydration of your skin.

The pouch has inside partitions so that it is always organised and with easy access to all the products  inside.

Take it with you anywhere and enjoy a self-care routine in a conscious, present and positively impactful way.


These Lavender Sachets were crafted specially for the guests staying during a festive season in these picturesque beautiful domes.

As a token of hospitality, guests at Miradomos received these delightful sachets, infused with the calming aroma of lavender and the natural freshness of rice grains.

Vila Foia

This time with an order for key chains – I was inspired by the leaves that surround this oasis.

This collaboration is a celebration of shared values – a deep commitment to sustainability and a path towards a more eco-conscious practice in the tourism industry.

The hotel’s dedication to preserving the natural beauty around them has been an inspiration, and I am thrilled to join hands, once again, on their meaningful journey.

Vila Foia

Vila Foia is a paradise in Monchique. The hosts are so welcoming and really make you feel at home.

They wanted a different kind of a “Do not disturb/ Tidy my room” sign, made my a local artisan, in a sustainable way.
They chose Yasmine and it was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Vila Foia.


At Altanure, peaceful sleep is a priority. In their commitment to a comfortable stay, they asked Yasmine to create exclusive eye masks, carefully handmade.
Each of these pieces, created with sustainable fabrics and materials, redefines the meaning of rest at their hotel.


We also handmade the slippers you can wear now at Altanure.

At Altanure, comfort and environmental consciousness go hand in hand, which is why they chose Yasmine for the handmade production of their slippers. Each pair is the result of meticulous work and lots of care, using sustainable fabrics and materials to create an unparalleled comfort experience.


Kamila allows you to have your daily rituals filled with natural pleasures.
Creating the perfect moment for you to enjoy with nontoxic perfumes, organic oils and crafted creams.

Our latest collaboration resulted in the Look Inside Yourself collection– a self love hand crafted pouch, for a whole beauty routine, with Holistic Cosmetics for Body – Mind – Soul.


It was a pleasure to co-create custom-made pouches for Alhambra Natural Cosmetics brand.

Alhma offers a wide range of products from hair, to facial and body care, that will make your self-care routine even more sustainable and regenerative.  


Yasmine created custom made kitchen aprons and waist pouches for ODX bar and restaurant. Their creative logo was hand carved and handprinted in a linen and cotton fabric from Portuguese deadstock.

ODX is a playground for the community in Odeceixe valley where you can share good vibes and connect over good food, drinks and (live) music. Their mission is to create a platform to empower and support local talent to express themselves.