Natural dye workshops

Come discover the alchemy of locally sourced natural pigments with me!


Shibori was born in China and spread in Japan around the 8th century. It is still practiced in many regions of the world, mostly know to use Indigo pigment.

Come learn the different techniques of this beautiful ancient dye practice, using local plants, and practicing with me.

Bundle dye

This magical technique has some many beautiful ways of achiving different prints and designs.

We will be using wild flowers and leaves with dyeing properties and kitchen waste. I love the sustainability that comes with this technique.

Botanical Print

A way to get defined prints from flowers and leaves. I will teach you how to achive shartp and clear prints of local wild flowers and leaves from native trees and plants.

We will also explore different background’ possibilities and color shifting.

Lake Pigments

Join me and learn this way of turning a water soluble dye into a non soluble pigment.

It has various applications and it’s a sustainable way of preserving color using a dye bath you no longer need, avoiding waste.

I will share with you my favorite acidic and alkaline solutions to create lake pigments and also how to shift colors.