Therapeutic Lavender Pillow


Close your eyes and inhale. Sense the aroma of the Lavender and relax ♡
Therapeutic Lavender Pillow with organic flax seeds and lavender flowers, hand dyed with wild plants.

  • 24x12cm (9.5×5 inch) approx.
  • Cotton & Linen mix
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • Inside: Organic Flaxseeds, hand picked Lavender flowers, and leaves.
  • Availability is limited.

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Naturally dyed and thoughtfully designed to naturally help you reach a profound relaxation state.

It could also be used as a natural relief for headaches and puffy eyes if used as a cold pack.

The organic flax seeds gently apply pressure on your face and eyes, blocking the light.

The lavender scent has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, promoting a quiet sleep in babies, children and adults.


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